Pacher is a cabinet made as a single block using wood with vertical grain. It comes in two-door or four-door versions. It is manually finished on all sides using a gouge. The hidden latches and hinges are specially designed and crafted. The entire manufacturing and finishing process is carried out manually in our workshop. The wood used for this piece is Juglans Regia – common Italian walnut; not dried but “raw”. This wood belongs to the Latin tradition of furniture-making and features an extremely compact fibre which can, however, be worked without too much difficulty; it is therefore highly suitable for household items. Over time the wood hardens and becomes extremely resistant, and oxidises slightly to take on a progressively warmer amber colour. Customised and made with Linden wood, European cherry, Slavonian oak, maple.

Packaging Dimensions

L195 x W55 x H122 cm, 80 kg


L110 × W42 × H106 cm, 130 kg



Designed by

Giuseppe Rivadossi




Walnut, Steel

Shipped from


Lead time

6-7 weeks