Menhir is a two-door cabinet made as a single block using wood with vertical grain. It is manually finished on three sides using a gouge. The burnished steel latches and hinges are specially designed and crafted. The entire manufacturing and finishing process is carried out manually in our workshop. The wood used for this item is linden, typical of the European climate zone and used in traditional Latin sculpture. With a faint grain, linden is distinguished by a soft but extremely “bonded” fibre: it, therefore, combines a certain lightness with great mechanical toughness. Its pale colour is highly valued and over time takes on a delicate pink hue. The ancient man simply stood a stone on end to celebrate his existence. The vertical placing immediately brought to mind man’s dignity. Nowadays this image which still reminds us of stone, water, wind and earth is a sign of our consciousness and acknowledgement of belonging, of being contained and of being custodians of life in our turn.

Packaging Dimensions

L150 x W62 x H110 cm, 140 kg


L140 × W52 × H90 cm, 90 kg



Designed by

Giuseppe Rivadossi




Linden Wood, Steel

Shipped from


Lead time

6-7 weeks