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Applications are open for our upcoming residential workshop in marble in Carrara area, Italy.
The workshop will take place between the marble quarries and marble facilities in Garfagana and OCRA in Montalcino.

The workshop will focus on marble and new approaches on how to use lower quality tiles and marble waste in a innovative and interesting ways. The aim will be to create new composite materials, new surfaces and textures that could be used in both architecture and design projects to cover walls, flooring, furniture and objects. Taking materiality as the starting point of the design process, this experience could set the beginning of a long lasting collaboration with Matter of Stuff.

The designers in residence will have 5 full days to come up with a great design.

Invited guests include Alessandro Zambelli, product designer; Moreno Ratti, designer focusing only on Marble products; Jasper Udink Ten Cate, chef and food design;Studio Irvine, designers and Marsotto Edizioni ex creative directors; Cristina Felici, archaeologist; Giovanni Cutolo, Artemide’s ex general director and ex President of Fondazione ADI Collezione Compasso d'Oro.

We will also visit Castello Banfi wineries and their museum of glass, experiencing first hand the process of wine making, while tasting some of the best Banfi wines.
To spice things up, an internal competition will be held and only the best materials will be produced and will have the chance to be implemented in objects or in furniture.


Winners March 2017: Arturo Soto & Natalie Pichler, Karsan Haval

Winners March 2016: Guglielmo Maggini



Our goal for this short experience is very ambitious, we want to be able to select designs that can be manufactured by our expert marble craftsmans. The workshop will give participants the chance to gain the practical and experimental skills required to communicate and work closely with artisans. At the end of the week designers will be able to understand all the implications to make a design achievable in marble.

During the workshop:
• We will visit the Carrara Marble Quarries and manufacturing facilities
• There will be lectures from outstanding designers and professionals taking place
• Wine tasting experience and visit to wine production facilities in Montalcino will be organised
• Accommodation & food are included
• We can accommodate for special catering
• All participants sleep in dormitories
• You will have access to teaching rooms and media room for presentations
• Transfer from Pisa airport to Carrara, from Carrara to Montalcino, and from Montalcino to the Banfi wineries are included.
Fees are:
£750 incl VAT for students
£900 incl VAT for professionals

There will be a requirement of 10 participants minimum for the workshop to take place.
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The week will follow the schedule below (please note that hours and activities might shift slightly according to the group’s best needs).

Monday | Garfagnana  | Meet in Pisa airports around 12 o’clock. | Visit to  Garfagnana marble workshops and learn about the machinery used for marble production, all guided by marble designer expert Moreno Ratti.

Tuesday | Carrara - Montalcino  | Visit to the quarries  and to a sculptor studio Transfer to Montalcino

Wednesday | Montalcino  | Lectures by Alessandro Zambelli | Lecture and food workshop by Creative Chef Jasper Udink Ten Cate.

Thursday | Montalcino | Visit to winery | Lecture by Studio Irvine | Cristina Felici lecture on design and archaeology.

Friday | Montalcino | Group work and presentation preparation | Design presentation to the jury | Selected project announcement

Saturday | Breakfast | Check out and departure at 10:00 am.



Deskcape Noctis


Marble Vase