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Material Challenge
10th June - 15th July

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Read and Download the Brief Here

During study or often in free time, students create amazing and innovative new materials, process and approaches but can sometimes lack the time, resources or expertise to fully utilise the potential of their ideas.

This might be a method, finish, tooling process or mixed combination of existing materials. It could be something you carefully developed, a half-realised experiment that might turn into something, it might even be an accidental by-product. Even if you’ve already experimented or built something with it, we want to explore the idea of pushing it even further.

Matter of Stuff want to see these ideas and to offer selected students the chance to develop one of these materials.

Selected winners will be invited to work closely with relevant craftspeople on a tutoring course, a chance to develop your practice and work collaboratively with the studio and network.

The material will then be documented and displayed in our material library with full accreditation, an amazing opportunity to promote yourself your work to the world.


1) A physical sample of the material, maximum size 150 mm x 150 mm x 60 mm

2) An accompanying document describing yourself, the material, the process, and some other things outlined below

Please download the full brief bellow for all details of what to include in your submission.


Submissions Open: 10th of June 2019

Submissions Close: 15th of July 2019

Winners announced: 30 of July 2019

We look forward to hearing from you!

Contact Details

Simona Auteri: 0044 (0)7712680221
Sofia Steffenoni: 0044 (0)7446858423

Read and Download the Brief Here

Read and Download the Brief Here