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Design Competition
7th May - 1st June

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Using leftover material, make a statement with design about creating new life from what might otherwise be considered waste. Create an art piece or a product, with the possibility of being exhibited at London design festival 2019.

In 2014 Matter of Stuff opened a pop up exhibition in Kings Cross which used a great many wooden dowels hung from the ceiling, to divide up floor space and create a unique environment for people to interact with.

Now that the exhibition space is closed we are looking for innovative and exciting ideas to utilise the dowells in a design or art piece to be exhibited during LDF.

There are 5000 cylindrical Burbridge pine dowels 2400mm long with a 15mm diameter to be used, your submission can use a maximum of 200 units. We're looking for you to design something with 200 of them. This could be anything of a medium / small scale you like; an art piece, sculpture, structure, tableware, vase, etc. no larger than a chair. The dowel could disappear and become an entirely new composite material. Surprise us!! The piece needs to be functional or a decorative object.

Matter of Stuff is offering the chance to create work to be exhibited during London Design Festival 2019 (14/9/19 - 22/9/19) and to exhibit next to world famous designers, a unique opportunity to promote yourself and your work.

Alongside the students MOS will announce design ambassadors to work alongside the project, names to be announced at a later date. Their work will be featured alongside the students during LDF.


Submissions Close: 1st of June

Winners Announced: 10th of June

Finish Manufacture: 1st of September

London Design Festival 2019: 14th - 22nd of September

We look forward to hearing from you!

Contact Details

Simona Auteri: 0044 (0)7712680221
Sofia Steffenoni: 0044 (0)7446858423

Read and Download the Brief Here