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22 October || Drawing Workshop at Sketch || with Stephan Zimmerli
22nd October - 22nd October

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Workshop: 22 October 2019
Drawing Workshop at Sketch London 9 Conduit St, Mayfair, London W1S 2XG

"What kind of images lie dormant, hidden at the heart of silent matter... life-forms, faces, frozen energies, distant worlds...?

This "hands-on" workshop will propose an investigation of the inner qualities of matter, through the act of drawing and painting.
Guided by the instinct of the thinking hand, armed with water, inks and brushes, we will learn how to listen to the inner music of materials such as wood, earth, paper or stone, relying on their organic reactions to generate forms, patterns and depths.
Letting the material draw, following its incidents and its force-fields, can yield abstract, evocative or mimetic results, anchored in the presence, mass and sensuous power of materiality. It is an open-ended, playful, unpredictable process; one that can complement -or liberate us from- the control of conventional skills and techniques in the quest for an open work."

Maximum number of participants: 30
: £10,00 per person

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