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MOS Xmas Edits: 17 November 2018 - 24 December 2018

Opening hours: Tue-Fri h.11-19, Sat h. 12-18

Address: Fenman House, 5 Lewis Cubitt Walk, N1C 4DF

After the great success at London Design Festival, Matter of Stuff has been granted extension for their show at Fenman House until January 2019.
For the next month leading to Christmas, the concept Pop Up Design Gallery will present their MOS Xmas Edits: a curated selection of designers gifts with prices ranging from £30 to £500.
Designers and brands featured in the MOS Xmas Edits include: De Allegri & Fogale,  Marset, Fritz Baumann, Peca, Mariantonia Urru, Bravo, Studio Sahil, Itopia & Utility, Antonio Aricò, Editamateria, Bohinc Studio, Swedish Ninja, Jenni Nordberg, Olga Bielawska, Verreum.
New designers to join Matter of Stuff for the occasion are: Kuniko Maeda, Dominika Kupcova, Laura-Jane Atkinson, Charlotte Kidger, Huilin Lin, Lynne Maclachlan, Sara Chyan, Memories of Green.

Throughout the duration of the Xmas Edits, visitors will still be able to explore Matter of Stuff Gallery exhibition with new pieces from Aegis, Charlotte Kidger, 1Millimetre,  Diario, Tosca and Claro well as a selection of materials within the context of the ethereal hanging installation by Raw Edges.

About the installation
Matter of Stuff has commissioned Raw Edges to design an installation that could unite MOS unique three-fold expertise: commissioning design, researching materials and technologies, and showcasing designs from world-renowned design brands.
The installation consists of a repeated one single element, a wooden dowel suspended from the ceiling by a blue string. This multiplied element creates a tactile invitation to the space as well as an architectural tool that defines the space; creates partitions and a cast background to the exhibits.



Bubble Mirror

87 – 11 Pendant Lights

Bollicine – Table Lamp