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Classic Roman Travertine

Classic travertine is a material with a uniform light beige colour . Its very high porosity brings out the  uniqueness of the natural stone, reminding us of the classical and  baroque architecture in Rome.
Classic  travertine,  if cut at right angles to the grain brings out the  slightly darker veining, highlighting the compactness and homogeneity of  the structure despite the porosity.
Classic travertine,  if cut  parallel to the grain, has a slightly cloudy effect in the tone on tone  colours and a much more compact look.

  • Compression tensile strength 1114 kg/cm²

  • Tensile strength after freeze-thaw cycles AAA1

  • Unitary modulus of bending tensile strength 153 Kg/cm²

  • Heat expansion coefficient 0,0048 mm/m°C

  • Water imbibition coefficient AAA2

  • Impact strength AAA3

  • Frictional wear AAA4

  • Mass by unit of volume 2467 Kg/m³

  • Average size of blocks AAA5

  • Prevalent use AA6

  • Coefficient of slab variation AAA7

  • Caption AAA8

Colour: Beige
Use: Indoor, Outdoor
Made in Italy