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Soft Slide

Rubber Effect Varnish
2k two-component precious varnish with a rubber effect, characterized by a great tactile and soft aspect. Anti-scratch, anti-UV, it does not get polished, it does not wear out and deteriorate through time. Completely based on nanotechnology and applicable in adhesion on supports made on metal, MDF and wood with the help of specific primers and in direct adhesion on plastic polymers.
For interior supports, it can be applied both by pneumatic and electrostatic spraying.
Essential finishing for all those Brands and Designers who want to develop warm and soft finishings for their own projects, giving life in this way to great ideas of design and contract which were not easy reachable so far at an engineering level.

Brand: Molteni Vernici
Collection: Soft Slide
Code: 16118
Use: Indoor
Materials applied on: Metal, Plastic, Wood
Made in Italy


Molteni Vernici
Soft Slide