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Terra Wabisabi
TerraWabi is the new interior finishing system designed and realized by Matteo Brioni and his team, inspired by the Japanese aesthetic concept of Wabi-sabi. The term Wabi-sabi, indicates an object in its most essential and natural state. It is the beauty of imperfection, incompleteness and impermanence of all things. TerraWabi was created to offer a product characterized by the inherent materiality of the earth, gifted with class and sophistication thanks to its soft, warm tones.

The TerraWabi system, is based on natural clay, which means that it does not include any kind of pigment, but all the colors come directly from Nature. Furthermore, thanks to the addition of natural lime the company can create very deep colours and colour shading, which is typical of the ancient plasterers.

With TerraWabi Matteo Brioni distances himself from the idea of absolute perfection, to rediscover the beauty of an intuitive and spontaneous creation, full of originality.

Finish: Matt
Material: Terra Wabisabi
Brand: Matteo Brioni
Bespoke Available
Made in Italy


Terra Wabisabi