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Polished Liquid Metal Effect Varnish
CRS Molteni Vernici has created the first series of ready-to-use liquid metals, which can be applied on every kind of surface with employments both for interior and outdoor. POWERMETAL is a line of products synthesis of a process of metabolism, that allows to easily apply cold metal by spraying. POWERMETAL looks, feels and acts like hot molten metal, because it is metal.
Once hardened, the product has got all features of a piece of molten metal or a piece of a folding structure, like the brightness, the structure and the thermal conductivity.

PowerMetal Brass is a 2k two-component varnish ready-to-use, able to confer to every kind of support made on metal, plastic, MDF and wood (carefully prepared with the specific primers) the aspect of natural brass, transforming in this way the original support into a real piece of metal which lives and passes through all the transformations caused from the natural oxidation.
Varnish extremely hard and resistant against scratch, usury, thermal shocks (if correctly protected with the specific industrial cycles), it finds its main employment in the field of furniture, architecture, contract and shop fitting.

Brand: Molteni Vernici
Collection: Powermetal
Code: PM-2420
Use: Indoor, Outdoor
Materials applied on: Metal, Plastic, Wood
Made in Italy



Molteni Vernici