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Never Circle Copper

Scratched Metal Effect Varnish
The Never Circle series, created in exclusive by the Brand Molteni Vernici, is an innovative, detailed series inspired by the Italian Design and Luxury.

1k one-component varnish in imitation of the circle scratched copper, it gives light and great brightness to the treated support.
The new Never Circle series with the scratched steel effect is characterised by a non uniform metal scratching effect, imperceptible to the touch, and extremely bright and soft.
The effect can be realised through a cycle of painting (on panels on MDF, on melamine paper, aluminum, zama) which combines the employment of traditional polyester, acrylic, polyurethane primers for wood already used by the company, or directly on metals with the finishings of the new Never Circle series.

Brand: Molteni Vernici
Collection: Never Circle
Code: 17057
Use: Indoor, Outdoor
Materials applied on: Metal, Plastic, Wood
Made in Italy



Molteni Vernici
Never Circle
Scratched Metal