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Materic Corten

Oxidised Effect Varnish
The finishing Materico Corten is a 2k two-component varnish able to give any support made of metal and metal alloys, plastic polymers, MDF, wood and composites, with the aspect of the most natural oxidation of the real corten steel.
The particular feature of the Materico Corten effect is to reproduce the bright color belonging to the metallic alloy through its light and dark shades in a very natural way, thanks to the employment of new and patented technologies carried out from the Laboratory of Research and Development by Molteni Vernici.
The finishing Materico Corten gives every surface the alive, materic and tactile aspect of the real corten steel, compensating at the same time all chemical and physical limits belonging to the natural steel (as a matter of fact, the finishing Materico Corten does not release dust iron oxide).
Product with a very high adhesion, non-yellowing, with a captivating and non-uniform visual aspect, Materico Corten can be applied both for indoor and outdoor workpieces. Highly resistant against usury, ageing, chemical substances, cleaning products, food, thermal shocks, salt corrosion.

The finishing presents itself throughout the international market in the color variation A, for an extremely orange shade, in the color variation B, for a classical and natural coloration, and finally in the color variation C, in order to reach the most brown dyes belonging to the very last steps of the natural oxidation.
Corten A - 13201-A
Corten B - 13201-B
Corten C - 13201-C

Brand: Molteni Vernici
Collection: Materici
Code: 13201-A, 13201-B, 13201-C
Use: Indoor, Outdoor
Materials applied on: Metal, Plastic, Wood
Made in Italy



Molteni Vernici