matter of stuff design


It is not just wallpaper, but dreams that remodel places, perspectives that give life to spaces. Wallpaper does not cover environments, but interprets them thanks to the fascinations of those who live there. Wallpaper does not cover walls, but offers new perspectives which seduce your imagination.

All the graphic designs, created exclusively for us by the most innovative artists and graphic designers currently in circulation, can be produced on latex and fiberglass. The high quality ma-terials, selected according to the specific needs of the environment they will occupy, guarantee safety and durability.

Our wallpaper sets out to create a new world fit for those who choose to expose it, in accord-ance with what they are designed. Our products meet all the EU requirements for health and environmental protection and are printed with the latest technology, which allows it to be used in healthcare environments.

Finish: Matt
Material: Paper
Bespoke Available- Customisable colours and sizes, for more details please contact Matter of Stuff.
Made in Italy
Thumbnail size: 1.5 meters