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Flora White

Marble/Brass Inlay
Ma.C.S. combines artisan crafted production with industrial processing powered by numerical control machines. This is demonstrated by the new marble inlay covering collection. The research aims to integrate the classical idea of marble inlay (combined in some cases with other materials such as wood and metal), with shapes, compositions and innovative, charming designs. All of that is rigorously made in Italy.

The 2016 collection is characterized by geometrical serial successions, similar to nature inspired paintings. Delicate strokes of color, a careful choice of materials and cleverly designed decorations create a striking spatiality, blurring the line between the two-dimensional and the three-dimensional sphere.

The proposed coverings, both horizontal and vertical ones, are fully customizable in size and colors, according to client needs.

Finish: Matt/Gloss
Dimensions: 80 x 80 cm 120 x 120 cm
Material: Rosso Verona Marble Nero Marquinia Marble Azul Macaubas Marble Bianco Di Carrara Marble Bardiglio Marble
Bespoke Available in any Marble or Inlay
Made in Italy

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