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Alba’s beauty and versatility make it a firm favourite. With its white, marble-like surface and hints of gold and silver, this is an elegant-looking material that suits a wide variety of applications. However Alba is not just a plastic that is easy on the eye: closer inspection of Alba’s surface reveals fragments of yoghurt labels or a glint of silver foil that draw us in and reveals the plastic’s unique recycling story, with each panel being the equivalent of 1000-5000 yogurt pots.

Alba’s hard, dense and rigid as well as being 100% waterproof. With modern scratch resistance that can in turn be refinished, Alba has plenty of life in it. In addition Alba can be heat formed into all types of bespoke shapes with a choice of matt or gloss finishes, as well as the versatility of being machined, drilled, cut (router, CNC), water cut and fixed using adhesives and screws, making it perfect for any type of project.

Finish: Matt/Gloss
Dimensions: 200x100cm, though often the panel will arrive slightly larger with unfinished edges (approx 209x109cm).
Thickness: 5mm, 12mm, 20mm
Possible manufacturing processes: Heat forming, Drilled, Cut (router, CNC), Water cut & Fixed using adhesives and screws

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