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Acqua Bianca A Marble

An aphanitic marble whose pure white background or slightly ivory in color with faint, slender light grey shadows or scarce small dark grey spots, make it the ideal stone for a very large types of applications. The material is very fine-grained and rather compact with small surface pores and sometimes some minuscule crystals that are metallic black in color.
Elegant and versatile, Acquabianca Marble may be used in various types of projects as floorings, staircases, facings of many kinds, columns and decorative elements and it is suitable for public or private use.

  • Water absorption at atmospheric pressure %: 0,19

  • Apparent Density KG/m3: 2700

  • Open porosity % : 0,4

Direct Quarry access
Colour: White
Use: Indoor
Origin: Italy
Variation: Pattern may vary, as every slab of natural marble is unique.


Direct Quarry Access