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  • Materials
    • Ceramics
      • Tiles
      • Mosaics
    • Stones
      • Inlays
      • Textured marble
      • Marble
      • Travertine
      • Onyx
      • Granite
      • Quartzite
      • Natural Stones
      • Direct Quarry Access
    • Metal
      • Galvanised
      • Brushed
      • Oxidation
      • Foglia
      • Liquid Metal
      • Oxidised Metal
      • Anodised
      • Delabré
    • Paper
      • Paper Inlay
      • Ruts
      • Piano
      • Veins
      • Informale
    • Plastics
      • Sheets
    • Raw earth
      • MultiTerra
      • Terra Wabisabi
      • TerraPlus
      • TerraSilk
      • TerraVista
      • TerraTon
    • Textiles
      • Woven
    • Texture Wood
      • Wallpaper
        • Special Coatings
          • Blackboard
          • Carbonized Wood
          • Soft Slide
        • Glass
          • Cast Glass
          • Artistic Glass
      • Room
        • Bathroom
          • Kitchen
          • Usage
            • Floor
              • Outdoor
                • Indoor
                  • Walls


                  Molteni Vernici created the finishing blackboard, a simple paint, completely odourless and washable, which, once dried, creates a surface with a blackboard effect, where it’s possible to write with chalks or with specific pens. This kind of finishing can be applied on wood, plastic, metal and wall. It’s really perfect for every environment, from entire panels showing a particular talent, to a drawing table or a writing desk. A very used solution is also the creation of a portion of a kitchen wall to be used like a huge notebook for notes or appointments, receipts, romantic messages or meetings to be signed on. A very modern scenic effect shows also the employment of the blackboard finishing on one or more kitchen complements, on the fridge or on the top. While in the bedroom it can become an original idea for the wall, on which a different picture can be drawn every day, or for a furniture complement, a chest of drawers. Another solution can be the application of this finishing on small furniture complements and objects, like kitchen holders with the worlds tea, salt, sugar, coffee, or vases containing plants and flowers, a chair, a painting layout or the entire kitchen.