matter of stuff design


The "echo" table pushes the material limits of metal and wood to imagine an intangible reality.
The grain of wood tells its history, and by using a technique of exposing the hardwood (season of winter) and embedded metal into the lines of the softwood (season of summer), each growth creates an elusive boundary between the two materials.
The objectivity further enhanced by the lightness and thinness in the profile of both materials.
Beauty and inspiration are found all around us. The table legs reference the shape generated by the spilling of water.
The variation in the shapes of the table top resembles that of stones organically formed by sea current.
Enacting the activity and motion which would happen around a table. The colours allude to the subtle shades of a sunrise, created in three metal: aluminum, copper, and brass.

Developed and Produced during the "Matter of Stuff Designer Residency" program in Montalcino
Design: Uufie
Fabrication: Toscari
Gallery: Matter of Stuff